Sisters of St. Martha - Prince Edward Island
Sisters of St. Martha - Prince Edward Island
Sisters of St. Martha - Prince Edward Island
Sisters of St. Martha - Prince Edward Island
Sisters of St. Martha - Prince Edward Island
Social and Ecological Justice Committee
Vision Statement

Grounded in the spirituality of St. Martha
and reverencing God in all creation,
we, the Sisters of St. Martha
of Prince Edward Island,
dare to risk being prophetic.

Rekindled in our charism, we strive to
embrace diversity among us as we extend
hospitality toward all creation

Global awareness is a process by which one gradually understands and values the sacredness and oneness of the world. To become globally aware is to realize that:
#  We are all responsible for the care of the planet and of one another.
#  We are a people of diverse cultures, languages, religions, customs and geographic locations who share the same basic humanness.    
The systems of the world social, cultural, racial, economic, linguistic, technological and ecological are interrelated.

Social and Ecological Committee

At our Congregation Chapter 2009 our Vision Statement of 2005 was reaffirmed as well as our Justice Committee. 


The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops in their Pastoral Letter "You Love all That Exists" October 4, 2003 expresses the following "the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor are one" and Pope John Paul ll is quoted as saying "the ecological crisis is a moral issue" and there is a need for "ecological conversion".
Why This Focus

Pope John Paul ll in Origins, "Peace With All Creation", December 14, 1989,  states "respect for life and for the dignity of the human person extends also to the rest of creation." 

Pope John Paul also states "an education in ecological responsibility is urgent: responsibility for oneself, for others and for the earth ... churches and religious bodies, non-governmental and governmental organizations, indeed all members of society, have a precise role to play in such education."
Very recently, Pope Benedict strongly recommended for "a moral awakening in favour of the earth" and affirmed that "once again, poorer countries will have to suffer the most serious consequences provoked by the the attitudes of the industrialized world and the trust - sometimes excessive - in scientific and technical progress." (November 27, 2007 Zenit)
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In the pastoral letter The Need for Conversion by the Canadian Catholic Bishops Pope John Paul ll is quoted as saying:

With the Constitution on the Church in the Modern World of Vatican ll, (Qaudium et Spes) a consciousness-shift happened in the mind of the Church that opened an expanded horizon for discernment regarding reading the "signs of the times". 
World views and the research of scientists, theologians any many others continue to expand our horizons
Reflections on the Word of God

Fr. John Surette's Homolitic Reflections

Fr. John anchoring his insights in his deep appreciation of
our Creator God,  continually seeks a deeper understanding
of what it means to be human in relationship to the Sacred
It is manifestly unjust that a privileged few should continue to accumulate excess goods, squandering available resources, while masses of people are living in conditions of misery at the very
lowest level of subsistence.  Today, the massive threat of
ecological breakdown is teaching us the extent to which greed and selfishness - both individual and collective - are contrary to the
order of creation, an order which is characterized by mutual interdependence.  (P3)
The Children are Asking
Mary Southard, CSJ
Courtesy Of Ministry Of The Arts
Revised March 2012